Announcing 2 new ECO-Adventures for 2013 – Pocosol & San Gerardo

Announcing 2 new ECO-Adventures for 2013 - Pocosol & San Gerardo

Greetings Rainforest Friends!

It’s time for an eco-adventure!! We are excited to announce next year’s two open enrollment eco-tours to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Each of these trips goes to a different field station, so even if you’ve been to one of our enchanting lodges, you can enjoy the magic of this forest from a whole new perspective by joining us at the other one.  Don’t swelter through another hot summer! Envision yourself wrapped in the cool mountain mist of Costa Rica. Bring your friends and family, register early (you get a discount!), and don’t wait because trips fill up quickly!

Contact us if you have any questions, and follow these links for details, pricing, dates and itineraries:

Pocosol Trip 2013 (June 14 -22, 2013)

San Gerardo Trip 2013 (July 12 – 21, 2013)

Join us, and get ready for a travel experience that will change the way you see your world!


Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest
Science/Travel Director

Maggie Eisenberger
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One Response to “Announcing 2 new ECO-Adventures for 2013 – Pocosol & San Gerardo”

  1. Char Frank Says:

    Hi Maggie,
    I have 2 grandchildren I would like to bring to Costa Rica to LEARN.
    They will soon be 12 and 10 and have traveled quite a lot for their young age.
    They would like me to take them to the Galapagos and the Amazon.
    Two difficulties there in that I have traveled to both already –of course would love to return, but the expense puts it out of reach, also the distance.

    Thinking Costa Rica a great place to further their nature education.
    The younger attended an entomologist camp at Lake Tahoe last year and was joyfully immersed. i hope to keep this curiosity and care for all living things alive in both.

    i was excited to read your post only to find the dates have passed.
    School year here in Reno has changed and allows longer Easter break so i am thinking that may be a good time.

    I am looking for a nature/educational based trip, with the ability to add some beach and river boat time.

    I have never heard of your organization, and would love to hear more please.
    As well as recommendations for additional stay beyond.

    If nothing is offered i march 2014–suggestions?

    I really thank you for your help and wish you the very best.
    ALSO, ”perhaps” some type of volunteer work included somehow, someway?

    Char Frank

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