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Children in the rainforest

Dear Forest Friend,

Forever is a long time.  That’s why our effort to protect the Children’s Eternal Rainforest forever is an ambitious goal.  As we celebrate our tenth anniversary of work to permanently protect this incredibly unique place, it’s a good time to reflect on all that you’ve helped make possible and to renew your support.  If you give early, your gift will be doubled–one of the forest’s generous supporters has offered to match the first $20,000 we raise by the end of the year.

Rainforest Jaguar

What a difference ten years makes! Like the children who started this international effort, you have not turned away or been dissuaded by the challenge.  Your steadfast support has:

  • Added hundreds of acres to this rare and precious reserve in Costa Rica,
  • Raised widespread awareness of the forest through partnerships forged with nationally renowned conservation institutions like the Saint Louis Zoo and the Academy of Science, and
  • Educated thousands of supporters about the need to protect this fragile place that provides safe harbor to so many of our world’s plants and animals.

Your optimism, your investment, and your belief in what is possible has yielded incredible results.

  • For the first time since the Children’s Eternal Rainforest was established, the Jaguar has returned to the forest—a magnificent sign that our conservation and reforestation efforts are restoring the balance that ensures a healthy planet for us all, and
  • The forest was expanded even further through our purchase of a critical piece of land that was accessible by a public road that made it subject to commercial development–had you not saved it.


But while we know that success is possible, it is not assured.  The very things that make this forest unique–its haunting beauty, its unprecedented biodiversity, its rare inhabitants–likewise make it uniquely susceptible to the destructive effects of development, wildlife poaching, climate change and exploitation.  Unless protected, nearly half of the world’s species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next twenty five years by rainforest deforestation.  Without your attention and effort the Children’s Eternal Rainforest will be no exception.

We know that with your help we can create the best possible conservation outcome for the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and ensure a sustainable future that balances nature’s needs with our own.  This means:

  • Continuing to strategically partner with conservation organizations both here and in Costa Rica,
  • Buying several additional pieces of land that form gaps in the forest,
  • Working to create wildlife corridors that provide a lifeline to migrating animals, and
  • Diligently protecting the creatures that depend on the reserve for safe harbor.

I hope you will take this opportunity to make your best possible contribution and to consider for the FIRST time the opportunity to become a SUSTAINING SUPPORTER by making a MONTHLY gift which helps us ensure protection for the forest during these challenging economic times.  Remember, you can double your impact by giving early because a generous supporter has offered to match the first $20,000 in gifts raised by the end of the year!

Thank you for doing all that you can to ensure that children and adults alike will have this wonderful rainforest to call their own forever.

For the Forest,
Signed, Laurie Waller
Laurie Waller
Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest

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