Annual Report 2012

FCER Annual Report 2012

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We are the Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, or FCER, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote a sustainable world by educating and inspiring children and adults to take action to protect, support and expand the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Monteverde, Costa Rica – a resource of unparalleled biodiversity worldwide.

Letter from the President:

In 2002, conservation visionaries Rachel and Dwight Crandell founded the Monteverde Conservation League U.S., now known as Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, or FCER. Over the next ten years, the Crandells – and then FCER’s Board and staff – built an organization that is now sustaining the Crandell’s vision of supporting, protecting, and conserving the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

As we now embark on our next decade of service to the Rainforest, we have much to be grateful for:

  • We are governed by a dedicated Board of Directors that includes world-renowned scientists and conservationists, teachers, and nature lovers from many fields;
  • We have one full-time and three part-time staff members who daily carry out our mission; and
  • We have a generous and growing number of donors who support our work.

This year, we have already laid the foundation for our next decade of work. Highlights include:

  • Advancing our conservation work – land purchase and protection;
  • Piloting our Youth Education and Engagement Program in partnership with the Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace (read more on page 6);
  • Partnering with other science and conservation nonprofits in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica to create the Monteverde-Arenal Regional Initiative to work together to study and conserve the entire region; and
  • Planning a variety of mission-centered eco-tourism trips that will expand our outreach and bring additional funds to support our work.

I think Rachel and Dwight would be proud of all we have accomplished together and hope to achieve in the future. Thank you for helping us protect the Rainforest!


Laurie Waller
Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest

Rainforest Facts:

World-renowned conservationist Dr. Peter Raven – Board Member of the Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and named a “Hero of the Planet” by Time Magazine – has called on all of us to support the Children’s Eternal Rainforest for these compelling reasons:

  1. The problem with unchecked destruction of rainforest ecosystems is that “we don’t even understand what we’re losing”- many of the medicinal, planetary and other benefits of rainforests have yet to be discovered.
  2. The Children’s Eternal Rainforest is a trusted and time-tested conservation project. It has been established for more than 25 years and is located in a politically and economically stable country – Costa Rica.
  3. This forest is unique among rainforests because it links two continents, bridges the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, and straddles the Continental Divide – factors that create unparalleled biodiversity and provide protection to animals like the magnificent but endangered Jaguar and the beloved Red-eyed Tree Frog.
  4. The Children’s Eternal Rainforest is an important migratory corridor for 91 species of North American birds, such as the Baltimore Oriole that you might see in your backyard. If these birds cannot migrate, they will not survive.
  5. This rainforest is an essential watershed, increasingly important for the world’s fresh water supply. It creates the clouds that water our crops and keep our planet cool.

Land Purchase:

Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest supports the goal of the Monteverde Conservation League to purchase land to strategically increase the size of the Rainforest.

Priorities include purchasing land to preserve habitat for the many wondrous, varied species within the Children’s Eternal Rainforest; creating biological corridors down the Pacific slope; and creating a defensible boundary on the Atlantic side.

In 2012, FCER contributed $25,000 toward the purchase of a key strategic “inholding” that has been on our most wanted list for many years. This 15 acres of deforested farmland is located near our San Gerardo field station, and was previously vulnerable to development. It will now begin the process of regeneration and return to its natural state as part of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

In 2010, FCER made a commitment to purchase the 252 acre Pipe Cruz farm. Last year, an additional payment of $57,500 was made on this property that is a critical habitat for the endangered Three-wattled Bellbird.

2012 Land Purchase

Land Protection:

Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest supports the goal of the Monteverde Conservation League to protect the Rainforest and its inhabitants.

Guards are employed to protect against the constant pressures of hunting, poaching, and illegal lumbering. Their duties include rescuing injured wildlife; securing the surrender of wildlife being held in inappropriate conditions; detaining and participating in the prosecution of those hunting, poaching or conducting other illegal activity in the Forest; coordinating with local land owners; monitoring wildlife activity; and holding workshops and training activities that provide education about wildlife and the Forest.

In 2012, Children’s Eternal Rainforest guards collaborated with Costa Rica’s environ- mental ministry to win a major victory against poachers. Together they discovered and interrupted a major logging operation in Arenal National Park, an adjoining reserve that is part of the 165,000 acre contiguous rainforest network.

The importance of this land protection is evident today with the return of the Jaguar. Last February, for the first time in 27 years, the Jaguar returned to the Forest. This endangered top predator depends on large swaths of uninterrupted habitat to hunt, mate and roam.

Education & Outreach:

Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest supports the goal of the Monteverde Conservation League to provide environmental education programs to gain the support of local communities, and to increase the use of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest as a global educational resource. FCER also works to raise conservation awareness here in the U.S.

Education is a priority in and around the Children’s Eternal Rainforest for several reasons. First, it is an unparalleled educational resource; second, the long-term protection of this rainforest depends in part on the understanding and support of local communities; and third, fees paid by tourists and many of the student groups are an important source of income that is fundamental to its long-term financial sustainability.

In 2012, the Children’s Eternal Rainforest received a $100,000 grant to fund an environmental educator for local schools in the La Tigra region. Over the next five years this educator will offer programs on a range of environmental topics, including: recycling, biodiversity, animal welfare and abuse, water resources and the importance of wetlands, Costa Rica’s ecosystems and National Parks, as well as other environmental issues.

FCER also worked to raise conservation awareness in the U.S. through our first annual Wild About Conservation Event that was held at the Saint Louis Zoo and featured a keynote address by Dr. Peter Raven, FCER Board Member and President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The event was highly successful with over 350 attendees donating more than $20,000 to support the Rainforest.

In 2012, FCER also initiated our Youth Education and Engagement Program. This innovative educational program will engage students by using the Rainforest as an experiential learning classroom where students will explore and learn about critical issues relating to tropical ecology, global conservation, and resource interdependency.

2012 Financials:

2012 Financials

Total Assets = $3,234,855 (includes 148 acres of land in Costa Rica) Total Liabilities = $57,550

Thank You to Our Supporters:

Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest Board and staff are grateful to the hundreds of individuals and organizations who help us support the Forest.
* asterics indicate donors who provided in kind donations in addition to monetary gifts

$149,999 – $25,000
New Chapter, Inc.

$24,999 – $10,000
Monte and Diane Powell

$9,999 – $5,000
New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc.
Jane Pharis-Oliver*
Diane Steingart and Jonathan Woodbridge
Laurie Waller

$4,999 – $1,000
Academy of Science
Richard and Jane Andrus
Jonathan and Clara Armstrong
Christine Beutler
Central Paper Stock Co., Inc.
Jimmy and Pat Clements
Condominium Property Management
Jeremy Crandell
Charlie and Martha DeCou
Terri Edney
Jeff and Maggie Eisenberger*
Gonzalo and Anne Fernandez*
Stuart and Diana George
Kim Hammer*
Karin Holser
Aaron and Angie Jungbluth
Kahakai Elementary School
Jack Ketola and Margo-Lea Hurwicz
Karl and Melinda Kinley
Mike and Catherine Lovoi
Mary A. Crocker Trust
Neil and Suzanne McGinn
Nashoba Brooks School
Tom and Terry Newmark
Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital Junior School
Jay Russ
Michael and Nancy Salsich*
Eliot and Dee Dee Simon*
Scott and Nancy Smith
The Boeing Company
The Cherry Picker Foundation
Chris and Laura Towle
Dick and Ginny Voell
Michael and Diana Waller
Ross Watson and Kate Danna*
Pat and Ross Watson
Carol Weisman and Frank Robbins*

$999 – $500
Board Builders
Anne Boisclair and Jeffrey Jens
Leslie Burlingame
John and Alicia Campbell*
John and Charlene Chesshir
Alan and Katie Costello
Ronald Danna
Devereaux, Stokes, Nolan, Fernandez and Leonard, P.C.
Emerald Capital Group Ltd.
Julia Flowers
Fulton School At St. Albans
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Martin and Florence Haase
Rodney and Leslie Hart
Keith and Amanda Kisselle
Robert Klages and Nicole Norton
Julia Matamoros
Montessori School Of Florence
Allen and Anne Mosiman
Patrick and Julie Nye
Pro Pool Management and Service, Inc.
David and Susan Rentfrow
Bernard Seger
Joseph and Rosemary Shaughnessy
Barbara Van Dusen
Katy Van Dusen and Dr. Frank Joyce
Warm Springs Elementary School

$499 – $300
Clarence and Linda Bargmann
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Dave and Marigold Colvin*
William and Terri Dalton
Margaret Devloo
Michelle and Sophie Frandsen
James and Sally Gill
Gabriel Given
Joe Gore and Melody Cooper
Glenn and Martha Hoffmeister
Jonathan and Pam Hunter
Patricia Joyce and Steven Slack
John Mallon
Dr. John and Mrs. LaVerna Meyer
Paul Nemeth and Jean Flood
Oak Park River Forest High School
Jerry and Shirley Ritsema
Michael and Terria Schmidt
William and Kathleen Schnyder
Deanne Sehr
David and Michelle Sohovich
Ellwood and Robin Towle
Richard and Cindy Waller

$299 – $150
Jane Abling
Bob and Carol Barnes
John and Myriam Bell
Carter and Gretchen Benkendorfer
Michael and Stephani Bertrand
Michael and Maureen Besancon
Sarah Bettencourt
Evelyn Bicknese
Elizabeth Bieck
Mike and Cindy Boudloche
Fred and Becky Brackett
Roger and Connie Brunstrum
Nora Callow
Centerville Public Schools
Luis and Lauren Cifuentes
Caryn Crist
Terrell and Susan Dahlman
Steve and Nancy DeSutter
Gerald and Carolyn Droszcz
Marty and Christine Erickson
Christopher Erker
Michelle Ewing
Richard and Kathy Fitzer
Dawn Glanz and Robert Brown
Gerald Gocken
Marjorie Hamlin
Carol Harrison and Don Tanner
Dan Head
Steve and Laurie Holser
Dennis and Patricia Hurst
Susan Hutchinson
Lynn Jacobs and Jeffrey Powell
Peter Jaszi
Patricia Kelly
Nisha Khanna
Lois Kirkendall
Nanette Lockwood
Jack and Nalini Longino
Paul and Kathy Lovegren
Jodene Lynette
Nelda Martinez
William and Kathryn McCord
Judith McNamara
Pam McSkimming
Milton Academy
Gregory and Jill Mueth*
Kenneth and Colleen Neidert
Blake and Elizabeth O’Lavin
Elizabeth Park
Robert Petti
Jerry and Bo Pratter
Dr. Mark and Louise Pultman*
Drs. Peter and Pat Raven*
Wayne and Monica Richter
Roy Ritzmann
Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions
Samela, Inc.
Bill and Lindsay Schubach
Tara Beth Schultz
Mark Scott
Ted Shutt
Susan Smith
George and Daryl Anne Tanner
Jane Tidwell
Steven and Sandy Tomey
Kerstin Wasson
Robert and Carol Whiteaker
Darrel and Jean Wichman
Robert and Melinda Williams
Lyle and Timathea Workman

$149 – $100
Rosalind Abernathy
Steve and Kathi Albers
Edith Allison
Deborah Anson and Karen Nielsen-Anson
Banning Lewis Ranch Academy
William Barkhouse
Gary and Mary Ann Barton
Robert Bell
Berlin High School
Julie Bevan
Roger Bielicke
Bobby and Chispa Bluntzer
James and Elaine Bonzon
Jerome and Katherine
Bourbon Barry and Jana Boyer
Mike Briones and Scott Elliff
Beth Brownell
Kate Bunnell
Carolyn Burns
Robert Byrne and Nanka Castulik
Joanna Challacombe
Curtis Clemenson
Thomas and Jelena Cooley
Lee and Geri Cox
Michael and Jane Cuba
Kathleen Danna
Rey and Lorelei De La Reza
Andra Dillard
John and Joan Duncan
Rick and Debbie Dutton
Lisa Ellis and Chris Young
Rich and Blythe Evans
Nayan Fleenor
Liliane Floge
Charlie and Terri Franck
Blake Frey
Mike and Terrie Fryer
Elsie Gaertner
Susie Getzschman
Karen Goellner
Leah Goldberg
Jennifer Gornet
Bill and Glenda Gregorcyk
Rich and Carole Grommet
Jane Hammer
Arthur Hernandez
Joe and Ann Hightower
Charles and Marilyn Hoessle
Maureen Hoessle
Doug and Mary Jane Hoff
Todd and Cheryl Hoffman
Donald Hollenbeck
Simone, Caroline and Natalie Howe
Michael and Clarice Hutchens
Margaret Jess
Karin Hoal Consulting
James and Sandra Kersten
Roger and Donna Kirkwood
Deanna Kuykendall
Carol Lebischak
Scott and Rebecca Lehmann
James and Donna Leonard
Marcia Lochmann
Milton and Kathy Lorenz
Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy
Chloe Madden
Lisa Marin
Ric Matchette
Susan McConnell
Michael and Sandra McCutchon
Daniel and Teresa McNamara
Eddie and Kathryn Molpus
Donna Mount
Elise Wendel Murray
Didi Noelker
Charles Oertli
Peter Ogle and Rachel Winslow
Marcia Orgill
Patrick and Nancy Osborne
Robert and Linda Pate
Mattias Pedersen
Pfizer Corporation
Plante Moran
Judith Randal
Gerald Reed and Yvonne Joosten
Bob and Janet Rice
David and Karen Robnak*
Victor Rojas
Karen Rudio
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Sanders
Jane Schaefer
Daven Schanche and Lisa Watson
Ted and Gail Scovell
Irma Scudder
Ann Sever
Julian Shepherd
Howard and Martha Simonin
Steve and Phoebe Smith
Dot Soldavini
St. Bede’s School
St. James Academy
Michael and Amanda Stukenberg
Vangie Swan
Paula Tarrant
The Jonas Company
Leanne Tippett Mosby
Paul and Suzanne Trotter
Frank and Gayle Tucker
Turkey Foot Middle School
Linda Videen
Jatin and Tammy Vyas
Bonnie Wade
Andrew and Hilary Waller
Seth Ward
Stephen and Lynn Ware
Nat and Genie Wheelwright
David and Karla Wilson
Joyce Wineland
Joan Cullom Woelfel
Kathleen Wood
Dana Workes
Harry and Karen Wyeth
John and Eleanor Yackel

$99 – $50
Steve Abbott
Clinton Alberts
Deb Bacans
Bob and Nancy Baglan
Amit Banerjee
Janet Baum
Danie and Rachel Becknell
Fred and Nancy Bell
Jamie and Tessa Bollinger
Roger and Holly Bower
Robert Brice
Sherry Browning
Ed and Nancy Buell
Casa De Ninos Montessori Bilingual Academy, LLC
Roni Chambers
Chapelfield Elementary School
Steven Clarke
David and Amy Clements
Donna Coble
Bob and Michaeleen Cradock
Creative Learning Center
Christiane Danna*
Temd and Lucy Deason
Lynn deLearie and Kevin Pumm
James Delph
Leonard DeMoor
Christian and Gabriella Dohse
John Dooley
Philip and Roberta Duyff
Robert Edwards
Marypat Ehlmann
Ryan and Clarie Elvers
Monte and Gale English
Ben and Nancy Eshelman
Jon and Amy Evans
Steve and Harriet Finkelstein
Martin Flannery
Paul Flotron
Joanne Fogarty
Chad and Pam Forni
Jeff and Lynn Friedman
Tom and Sue Fuller
Dick and Myra Gable
Dan and Susan Geeting
Girl Scout Troop #230
Mark and Zoe Gottlich
Susan Gray
Mike and Maria Griswold
Joel Gruver
Richard and Heather Guerrero
Donal Halloran and Sylvia Eisenmann
Mary Hancock*
Peggy Harrison
Rick and Kathleen Heagney
Max and Diane Herndon
Edmund and Allison Hershberger
Anthony and Wendy Hertzfeld
Merrill Heubach
Kathy Hogan
Charley Hoyt and Mary Bender
Wanda Hults*
Thomas Hyde
Michael and Michelle Isserman
Marie Jureit-Beamish
Roberta Kastelic
Isao and Yuki Kato
Kenakore Solutions
John and Robin Kennedy
Tom Kistner
John and Jerry Kraemer
Robin Kropp and Russ Scott
Beverly Lacriox
Ken and Janie Lanier
Lower Merian High School
Bill and Cece Luecking
Ann Majewski
Scott and Annie Marshall
Clark Matthews
Jack and Ginger McCall
James and Laurie McConnell
George and Laura McCullough
Lucinda McGovern
Ken and Margy McKelvie
Daryl and Elizabeth McQuinn
Harold and Carolyn Messler
Rose Mary Mets
Chuck Miller
Howard and Penny Miller
Jacqueline Miller
David and Carol Morgan
Sara and Denny Morgan
Roman Motyka
Doug and Evy Norris
Janell Nunn
David and Phyllis Oakes
Harriet Ostler
Joette Parker
Terri Sieckhaus and Diane Parker
Jeff Paul
Karen Petersen and Shawn Crowley
Purdue Law Offices
Yolita and Frank Rausche
Eric, Jennifer, Erin, and Abby Reynolds
Scott and Barbara Richmond
Mark Riegner
Marjatta Rikala
David and Maxine Rippberger
Dick and Jean Rosenberger
Anne Rossi
Siu and Karin Salem
John and Linda Saxton
Tom and Kim Schmid
Sara Schneider
Mark Scott
Lisa and Catlow Shipek
Mary Skowyra
Jill Smith
Manuel Soares Cordova
Barbara Steltz
Suzanne Stevenson
Betsy Stolaroff
Roger and Carol Stoughton
Laurie Strand
Shari Summerlin and Jianxin Bao
David and Penny Swank
Eileen Teall
The 577 Foundation
The Jones Company
Joan Tiemann
Gary and Christine Torlina-Schimmelpfenig
Trust Company Of Toledo
Thomas A. Tyler
Beth Voegtli
Thomas and Annie Wainwright
Dana R. Walker
Jennifer Walker
Marilyn Wallace
Charlie and Jane Webb
Paul Wehr
Sharon Westall
Marcia Whelan
Alissa White
Wayne and Renee White
Joshua Wilson
Wendy Witte
Bob and Frances Wolter
Jim Wood

$49 – $1
Nancy Abercrombie
Dan and Marjorie Andrae
Maria Arvanitoikis
Becky Ballard
Gerry and Page Banet
Jo Beck
Jessica Beeson
Debbie Brooker
Donna Brown
David and Michelle Burgess
Angela Carter
Byron and Beatrice Clemens
Edward and Elizabeth Connette
David and Jane Curry
Bruce Cyr
Peter and Mary Danzig
Dawn Publications
Del and Linda Delventhal
Mark Demaree
Damian and Sol Depietro
Quinn and Laura Desmond
Brenda Dixon
Kathleen Dunsford
Amy Elsworth
Mark and Antoinette Faller
Vincent Gaia
Ronald George and Mary Sherwood
Andrew Gould
Carolyn and Sonny Haisler
Mary Lou Hannegan
Michelle Hasting
Steven and Kathy Hays
Marcia Hernandez
John Howard-Smith
Warren and Gay Huff
Linda Hurst
Gary and Lynn Jacobson
Kathryn Kennedy
Francis Kilmartin
Stephen Koehler
Sharon Koenigsfeld
Richard and Martha Kudner
Brian and Marni Landry
Jeri Langham
Dana and Betsy LePoidevin
Kathy and Jay Lewis
Leslie Lihou
Los Cerritos School
Micaela Mason
L. Marcella McCormick
Cheryl McCullough
Eric and Kimberly McKee
Betsy H. Mehring
Mary Mennel
M.K. Merelice
Brenda Miles
Amber Miller
Judith Miller
Steven and Pamela Moulton*
Denise Mouser
Ted and Martha Munnecke
Debra Olivier
James Olson
Nancy Pawol
Cindy and Drew Pennington
Shannon Pittman
Kristin Pratt-Serafini
Bruce and Joanne Preston
Hildegarde Preston
Keith Preston
Laurie Preston
Martha Quirk
Owen Robertson
Donna Robey
Eileen Rooney
Jerrold and Carla Rosen
Paul and Verlyn Rosenberger
Maria Rotunda
Rural Residents For Responsible Agriculture
John Russell
Margaret Salia
Barbara Sandall
Rolf and Andrea Schindler
Lois Schmidt
Barbara Scott
Gabriel Serafini
Dan and Terry Sheets
Samantha Simon
Cliff and Betty Smith
Diana Sonntag
John Sprout and Gaye Berge-Sprout
Thomas Staley
Nancy Strain
Ellen Thompson
Woody and Judy Trautman
Neil and Tanya Vickers
John and Jara Wagoner
David Wallace
Watershed Management Group
Amos and Paula Welder
Judy Witmer
David and Jennifer Wolanski
Michael Wollner
James and Kathryn Wyatt
Chris Zammit

Board of Directors:

Jane Oliver
Carol Weisman

Dr. Patrick Osborne

David Robnak

Michael Salsich

Maggie Eisenberger

Andrew Burke
Jeremy Crandell
Teresa Crossland
Anne Fernandez
Gonzalo Fernandez
Kim Soltis Hammer
Elizabeth Kayser
Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy*
Steve Mahfood
Dr. Julia Matamoros Tom Newmark*
Dr. Peter H. Raven

*Advisory Board Members

Full Time Staff:

Laurie Waller

Part Time Staff:

Kate Danna

Sarah Biehle

Erica Twomey

Contact Us:

Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest
242 Old Sulphur Spring Road
Ballwin, MO 63021 USA
Tel: 314-941-1257

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