Buy a Boot


bootsPlease help us reach our goal of buying 8 pairs of boots for Rainforest Guards.

For $70.00, you can buy a boot to support these men. This is their biggest need: quality boots that are both waterproof and snakebite proof. Other supplies like gloves, nets, snakesticks, tents, and sleeping pads are also on the list of needs!

People still enter the forest looking for any wildlife that can be shot for money or meat. Forest patrols go out from 6am to 3pm or longer and put their lives in danger to stop poachers.

You can donate any amount or combine with a group for a boot or a pair! Donations can be made directly to Friends of the Rainforest and are tax-deductible. Donations memo should read “buy a boot” to contribute to this campaign.

It is a great way to show your support!

Download the flyer to hang on your door or share with others.

Click here to donate online!

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