Rainforest Curriculum

The Tropical Rain Forest Kits for K-12 Teachers at the Missouri Botanical Gardens (MOBOT)

The Educational Division of the Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT), located in St. Louis, Missouri, has developed kits for grades 2-8 that teachers may borrow and use in their classrooms. Each kit contains numerous lesson folders, materials lists, additional resources, illustrated displays and reading materials for the students that help with learning about rain forest ecology, products, deforestation, and the importance of biodiversity. The Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest provided the funding for these kits at MOBOT.

Download Tropical Rain Forest teacher’s curriculum guides:

(Resource mateials mentioned in curriculum are available in the kit with kit rental.)

Kits must be reserved in advance, and circulate on two week loan. A non-refundable circulation fee is required to borrow a kit, and can be paid by check or cash. Circulation fees vary by kit type. To reserve a kit, please call (314) 577-9501.

More information:

Some of the kit contents:

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