Faces of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest: Meet Luz Mery



We have entered July and rainy season is here. Bright mornings begin with the resounding calls of three-wattled bellbirds, and afternoon downpours are followed by a silence punctuated by water dripping from leaf tips and toucans trilling from the treetops. The seeds of wild avocados germinate on the forest floor. It is a time of growth.

In addition to harboring an abundance of life-sustaining biodiversity, the forest supports its stewards in growing along with the vegetation.


Luz Mery after receiving her diploma in administration.

Such is the case with Luz Mery Vásquez Chacón, who has worked for eight years assisting in the administration of the Monteverde Conservation League, the organization that manages and protects the unique ecosystems of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Luz Mery lives in a town south east of the CER, not far from Arenal Volcano or the Poco Sol lagoon. The mother of one, Luz Mery applies skills attained through her business administration studies at the University of San José.

As a staff member of the Conservation League, she has developed strong ties to both the forest and her colleagues, and working in nature conservation has led her to make household changes in order to be more eco-friendly— actions that have rippled out and influenced her family members.

When asked about her experience working to protect and expand the CER, Luz Mery responds “I always enjoy the sensation of growth, be it personal or professional.”





An orchid native to the Pacific slope forests of the CER (Encyclia ceratistes) in full bloom.

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