Children are the heart of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest!

They started it, they worked for it, they are still helping. It is because of the children that we need this forest to be eternal. And it is with the help of the next generation that this work will continue to make it possible for the forest to be sustainable. We celebrate and support the good efforts kids are making today.


“Rice Sack” Heating Pads Benefit The Children’s Eternal Rainforest

Rice Sacks for the Rainforest is a project run for the benefit of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest by 15-year-old Gabe Given of Pennsylvania.  In our November 2010 newsletter, we described Gabe’s long history of fund-raising for this special rainforest and introduced his Rice Sack project.  Gabe’s goal is to encourage people to conserve on energy used at home (as well as raise money for this rainforest) by lowering their thermostats and using microwavable heating pads to keep them warm. Gabe makes the rice-filled pads himself and donates 100% of his proceeds to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica. In 2010 alone he gave more than $1,100!
Gabe first visited this unique and amazing rainforest as a 5 year old, and began donating his pocket and gift money then, which makes him now a ten-year supporter of one of the most bio-diverse, and threatened “hot spots” on earth.

MCLUS is pleased to report that now, a year later, Gabe is still busy with the project and still sending donations to help preserve and expand the rainforest!   In September 2011, he sold Rice Sacks at the Middle Atlantic Renewable Energy Festival, at a Quaker Peace Fair, and at a local farmers’ market.  Earlier this year he also was recognized for his efforts by the DuPont Corporation, which awarded him the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Recognition Prize and sent MCLUS a cash donation in his honor.

See more about Rice Sacks at Gabe’s website: