PowellsWood Partners With FCER

PowellsWood Photo Scenic FlowersPowellsWood, a Northwest Garden owned by Monte and Diane Powell, is known for its incredible outdoor spaces and dynamic annual storytelling festival. PowellsWood’s gardeners take a special interest in young visitors, guiding them through this enchanting natural refuge near Seattle, WA and encouraging them to explore their environment by turning over leaves, observing the enormous diversity of plants and examining the insects and birds that are attracted to the garden.

PowellsWood’s interest in engaging children in nature has led it to form a special partnership with Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. The private garden recognizes that garden habitats provide the abundance of food and refuge critical for neotropical migratory bird species, such as the Western tananger and Olive-sided flycatcher, that need stopover habitat during their long journey from the Northern regions of the United States and Canada to tropical wintering climates like the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

A $15,000 Match Sponsor at FCER’s annual event this year, PowellsWood and FCER look forward to working together to preserve and create our world’s incredible natural places.

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