Spring into action for the Forest!

Dear Friends of the Forest:

Spring brings this Baltimore oriole and other birds from the Forest to our backyards.

Spring brings this Baltimore oriole and other birds from the Forest to our backyards.

Spring in the rainforest is an amazing time!  As the dry season ends, and the rains begin to fall, the Forest blooms into life.  Birds that we love here, like the Indigo bunting, the Baltimore oriole and the Ruby-throated hummingbird prepare to undertake their epic migration from the Children’s Eternal Rainforest to our very own back yards.

I’ve just returned from a visit to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest where I was fortunate to see the beginning of this wondrous time of year and the blossoming of new promise for the Forest’s future.  While there I attended the first-ever Monteverde-Arenal Bioregion Initiative meeting.  Brought about by your support, this historic conference brought together the key conservation organizations, scientists and educational institutions in the greater region surrounding the Children’s Eternal Rainforest to identify strategies for ensuring the permanent protection of the tropical rainforests of central Costa Rica.  What an accomplishment!

Monteverde Arenal Initiative

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest connects over 165,000 acres of rainforest.

I came away from this inaugural gathering reinvigorated about the impact we are making with your continued support  because the Children’s Eternal Rainforest does not stand alone.  It is the anchoring reserve that connects over 165,000 acres of tropical rainforest.  Without you, there would be no Children’s Eternal Rainforest, and the areas that it connects would be broken, isolated fragments of forest that would leave precious wildlife, including the birds that make their annual trek to our back yards every spring, without a home.


Peregrine Falcon

Your support means this wounded Peregrine falcon was rescued and gets a second chance.

Your support ensures that will not happen, and this year will particularly help two programs that greatly benefit the Forest and all of its inhabitants.  Through the Protection and Monitoring Program, Forest guards are able to rescue wild animals from captivity and rehabilitate animals that have been injured through illegal activity, like the Peregrine falcon pictured here who was rescued after being shot through the wing by a hunter.  A closely related program, the Environmental Education Program, further helps ensure that incidents like the one that wounded this falcon will become a thing of the past by educating our future leaders – students- about how and why the protection of the Forest, its plants and animals benefit us all.

Baby Hummingbirds

These baby hummingbirds are part of the new life that spring brings to the Forest and to us!

As spring begins and life abounds all around us, I hope you’ll consider making a generous donation to help ensure the Children’s Eternal Rainforest will continue to thrive.  Your support ensures the protection of this delicate ecosystem so that it can benefit us all – sending birds to our birdfeeders, providing fresh air and clean water to our planet, and educating today’s young people about their special role in protecting the environment.

We’re fortunate to have the Forest as part of our world, and it in turn is fortunate to have you as a Forest Friend.  Thank you for helping the Children’s Eternal Rainforest be part of our world – forever!


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For the Forest,
Signed, Laurie Waller
Laurie Waller
Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest

p.s.  The Forest is a fascinating place to visit!  We would love to help you discover it for yourself.  If you’d like to plan a custom trip for a larger group or join us for a FCER sponsored tour in 2015, please contact Maggie Eisenberger at maggie.eisenberger@friendsoftherainforest.org.

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