St. Louis Gets Wild About Conservation

Raven, Newmarks, Lovejoy

Presenters Dr. Peter Raven, Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy and Tom Newmark (with Terry Newmark)

On April 23, FCER hosted its annual awareness and fundraising event at the Saint Louis Zoo where over 350 guests enjoyed renowned conservation biologist and FCER Advisory Board Member Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy’s presentation The Land of Gold and Cinnamon: Odyssey of the Amazon. After sharing his 48 years of Amazon study and exploration, Dr. Lovejoy made the case for the critical impact of FCER’s work, emphasizing several points: (1) That “nature is on the move in response to climate change”; (2) “The climate and biodiversity agenda [are] deadly important, of utmost urgency and fundamental to the future of humanity”; and (3) We “can’t heal the world without taking care of tropical rainforests.”

FCER supporters heard this message and supported it in droves, raising over $62,000 to support FCER’s educational and conservation programming. Thank you!

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