Save this critical resource and protect one of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth. Volunteer or give a gift to support our efforts.

Friends of the Rainforest is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Wear Your Cause on Your Sleeve

Get the Shirt!

Support our global effort to educate others in protecting, supporting & expanding the Costa Rican Rainforest animals & their habitats when you purchase one of our limited Wear Your Cause T-shirts. T Shirts come in all sizes and various colors.Simply translated, Pura Vida means “simple life” or “pure life”, but in Costa Rica, it is more than just a saying—it is a way of life. Live the Sloth life and wear your cause.

Visit the Rainforest

Choose to travel with Friends of the Rainforest and preserve and protect the beautiful land that you are visiting.  Help us continue the work of the children who started this organization with just a few dollars and a dream to save the rainforest.

This tropical paradise is where childhood dreams become reality.  The Children’s Eternal Rainforest and the other reserves in the region house an enormous diversity of plant and animal species.

Each trip is organized by Dr. Jeffery Norris, who may be able to lead the trip as well, promising a lifetime experience for you, your family and friends.  

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Educational Resources


The Rainforest in Costa Rica is uniquely biodiverse–an ecological Noah’s ark for modern times. With less than the landmass found in the state of West Virginia (19,730 mi²), Costa Rica plays host to some of the most important ecosystems in the world.  The forest also protects hundreds of unique bird species, 91 of which (like the Baltimore oriole) we find summering in our own North American back yards.

Unparalleled Biodiversity

Did you know the Children’s Eternal Rainforest protects more biodiversity than most places on earth, including:

  • 154 species of amphibians and reptiles
  • 121 kinds of mammals
  • 450 bird species
  • 3,000 different kinds of plants including 800 species of trees and 500 types of orchids
  • 1 million insect species

Costa Rica boasts 5% of the world’s species diversity in an area that’s smaller than West Virginia! We are committed to protecting these creatures and their habitat.

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Gifts from the Forest

Support the Rainforest with these fascinating Forest Finds!  We have everything from kids books to field guides.  Take a look and know that your purchase means protecting the the animals of the rainforest and their habitat.

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Our Story

The Children Who Started It: The Children’s Eternal Rainforest is a testament to the principle that individual people taking small actions can change the world.
The Children Who Started It: The Children’s Eternal Rainforest is a testament to the principle that individual people taking small actions can change the world.

In 1987, Swedish teacher Eha Kern and her young students in Fagervik, Sweden became concerned after viewing a documentary that ended with disturbing images of tropical rainforests being burned and cleared. Eventually, children in 44 countries contributed to the effort they started.

In 2002, conservation visionaries Rachel and Dwight Crandell continued this mission and founded the Monteverde Conservation League U.S., Inc.  (now known as as Friends of the Rainforest), a United States based sister organization to the highly regarded and internationally recognized Monteverde Conservation League (MCL) of Costa Rica.

Today, we continue to work with MCL and other organizations in Costa Rica and the US to educate, inspire, and protect the Rainforest.

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