MCLUS E Newsletter January 2008

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Lost Frog Species Found Again in Monteverde

Recently during fieldwork in the forest, Mark Wainwright of Monteverde and Andrew Gray, Curator of Herpetology for the Manchester Museum, UK led a group searching for frogs. They discovered Isthmohyla rivularis, a hylid frog that had not been observed in the region since the amphibian population crash there in the 1980s. The rediscovery was made during a very long hike to establish the status of the last known population of another species, Lithobates vibicarius. We are also pleased to report that they found a healthy population of Lithobates vibicarius as well. Several hundred animals, including numerous breeding pairs, juveniles and egg clutches were found.

GPS coordinates taken during the Monteverde expedition show unequivocally that the entire population of Lithobates vibicarius – the last known population in the world – lives within the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Likewise, the entire population of Isthmohyla rivularis – also the last known population in the world – lives within the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. Thus, each protected area has its own endemic and highly endangered amphibian species. We hope this fact will serve as further inspiration for those who work for or support these two important conservation organizations.

Emberá Stories Never Before Written Soon to be Published

MCLUS has a hand in saving endangered stories from being lost, the ancient stories of the Emberá, indigenous people of Panama. Rachel has been video recording the storytellers from 12 villages along the Sambu River in the remote Darien jungle. So far 89 stories have been recorded and 35 transcribed into Emberá and translated into Spanish and English. Volume 1 is soon to be published with 22 stories in Spanish and English. The hope is to have 3 volumes in Emberá and Spanish with enough copies to distribute to all Emberá village classrooms.

MCLUS’ Biggest Year Yet Thanks to YOU

We are so grateful for increased support from our wonderful donors. As our story gets told more widely, we gain more partners and more donations. In 2007 you contributed over $100,000 that is enabling us to help expand and protect the precious biodiversity of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. THANK YOU and Happy New Year!

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