MCLUS E Newsletter February 2008

Whole Foods check

Whole Foods Markets donate $103,699.50 to BEN

On January 30 all thirty-seven Whole Foods Markets in southern California donated 5% of their retail sales to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest! This amounted to over $100,000 that will be used to buy land and create corridors to be reforested. These restored areas will link the Bosque Eterno de los Ninos (BEN) to lower elevation forest patches providing habitat and safe cover for migrating species. A huge thank you to Whole Foods, our second corporate sponsor. The check was awarded in the BEN on “the Big Hike.” Whole Foods has a history of outreach to support good works.

Group with check

Left to Right: Michael Besancon, CEO of Whole Foods, S. California, Carlos Munoz, Exec. Director of the Monteverde Conservation League, Costa Rica, Rachel Crandell, President of Monteverde Conservation League, US, Walter Robb, CEO of Whole Foods USA, Tom Newmark, CEO of New Chapter Vitamins.

7 CEOs Make the “BIG HIKE” Across the BEN

Crossing a stream in the BEN

A glorious two day hike was especially arranged for the CEOs of seven natural products corporations to give them a firsthand encounter with the magnificent biodiversity of the BEN. Accompanied by forest guards, board members of MCL, biologists, and MCLUS President, the CEOs of Whole Foods, Seventh Generation, Nude Cosmetics, Pet Promise, Kopali Orgqanics, Luna Nuevos Extractos and New Chapter Vitamins made the two day hike from Monteverde to Poco Sol Field Station. Our days were filled with wading across rivers, scaling ridges, slipping down a landslide, meeting a venomous snake, staying overnight in the Refugio de Eladio in the heart of the BEN, watching white hawks soar over towering trees, hearing howler monkeys, smelling the mark of the puma, encountering a tarantula-hunting wasp and cloud forest anoles, feeling the high winds on the continental divide and finally resting by Laguna Poco Sol for a swim as reward for tired bodies.

A big thanks goes to Tom Newmark, MCLUS board member, for hatching the idea and bringing us all together to celebrate the forest and renew our efforts to protect and extend the BEN. Watch for an article in the NEW YORK TIMES soon in the business section. They sent a reporter and photographer to make “the big hike” with us!

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