Dwight Crandell, MCLUS Co-founder, Passes On

Dwight and Rachel in the rainforest

Dwight passed away February 12, but his indomitable, generous, selfless, humble, problem-solving spirit will remain to encourage all of us who work in conservation. His example of patience and perseverance in the face of challenges will inspire us not to give up in every aspect of our lives, and certainly in the challenge of protecting the precious life in our forests.

Dwight working in the rainforest

Dwight and Rachel founded MCLUS in 2002 as a sister organization to the Monteverde Conservation League in Costa Rica. The goal of protecting tropical biodiversity in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest was given a huge boost when Dwight, as co-founder, treasurer and board member, gave his tireless support in the form of ideas, physical labor and financial help. His lifelong experience working in non-profits helped us set up the organization. His selfless giving of financial support inspired others to give. Dwight loved physical work. He was willing to pick up a hammer, a shovel, or a machete and lend a hand on any project that needed doing working alongside our Costa Rican friends. It didn’t matter if he was the donor or the manual laborer. In fact he was both!

Dwight lived to see the Children’s Eternal Rainforest make its first land acquisition since 1995 because of support from his work in MCLUS. As treasurer, he shepherded us in just 5 years to see our annual donations grow five times larger. We now have an endowment, thanks to Dwight’s foresight. His gentle love and devotion made him the best “shepherd” on our MCLUS trips to the Bosque Eterno de los Niños (BEN), as any of you who were on those trips could testify to. If you were tired, or your pack was too heavy, or your boots got stuck in the mud, Dwight was there at the end of the line to give a hand and lighten the load. He will be missed more than can be imagined, but his prayerful, God-centered life will be an example and inspiration always. Thank you, Dwight.

Dwight, Rachel and family

Donations can be made in Dwight’s name to MCLUS by mailing a check to:

Monteverde Conservation League, US
1128 Weidman Rd.
Town and Country, MO 63017


You can visit https://friendsoftherainforest.org/give/donate-now/ to make a donation online.

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