MCLUS E Newsletter December 2008


Yuber Rodriguez, interim director of MCL, has just sent us the word! On Thursday, December 18, 2008, the Monteverde Conservation League signed a contract to buy Olger Badilla’s 115 acres and add it to the permanent protection of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. This beautiful, pristine forest touches the BEN (El Bosque Eterno de los Ninos) and is a critical addition to the preserve as it protects the headwaters of a significant river. This could never have happened without the support of all of our generous donors, children and adults alike. I will let the photographs and Yuber’s announcement describe the land and the conditions of the agreement:


Left: Olger Badilla (center) with 2 Forest Guards Right: View of primary forest from our new acquisition

Left: Olger Badilla signing the contract with MCL’s attorney  Right: Ideally situated in the Bell Bird Pacific Slope Corridor on the southern border of the BEN
Dear Friends,

On the visit to Olger Badilla’s farm, we were able to mark the area of the property using GPS, showing that its northern border is completely adjacent to that of the BEN. Its southern and eastern borders are marked by the Aranjuez River, which indicates that some of its principle springs are located on this property.  With the acquisition of this area we will obtain a better definition of the borders of the BEN through natural markers (i.e. the river), as well as block the intrusion of hunters and other dangers to the BEN.  Also, with the formalization of this transaction, we will be able to lower the asking price for the land. The negotiated price is $1,250.00 per hectare (it is the lowest offer received in the last year).

This property is located within the Bell Bird Pacific Slope Corridor, and the farm has 100% forest coverage. The first photograph shows the purchased land behind Olger Badilla (center) with two of our Forest Guards at the property’s access site.  The second photograph shows a view from Olger Badilla’s farm over the springs of the Aranjuez River.   This negotiation could potentially strengthen the relationships between the BEN and its neigbors, and will also fortify the borders of the protected area.

Yuber Rodríguez S.
Monteverde Conservation League

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