MCLUS E Newsletter January 2009

Getting to Know the Children’s Eternal Rainforest Better

You can check out El Bosque Eterno de los Ninos (BEN) on Google Earth.  Put in these coordinates and zoom in on Costa Rica: 10 22′ N, 84 43′ W.
You will undoubtedly notice that there is a large dark green blob under the clouds.  That is because the dark green represents forest.  Because the Children’s Eternal Rainforest has bought and protected a large chunk (54,000 acres) of tropical rainforest wilderness you can actually see it from space!

Celebrate Wildlife that the BEN Protects

Some species live nowhere else on Earth but inside the Childen’s Eternal Rainforest.  We are so grateful to our donors who have helped us expand the protected area through a recent land purchase.  This will protect the headwaters of an important river and the primary forest habitat where so many amazing plants and animals survive.

Come Experience the BEN for Yourself

We are offering two trips this summer.  The first one is June 10-June 23 led by Maggie Eisenberger.  The second is June 22-July 5 led by Rachel Crandell.
The cost is $1895 with a $200 tax exempt donation to MCLUS included.  We meet in San Jose, Costa Rica to begin our two weeks of adventure, learning about tropical ecology and fabulous photo ops. Deposit of $200 holds your place.  Make checks out to “MCLUS”  and send to Treasurer, 1128 Weidman Rd., Town and Country, MO 63017.  For more details check out>Ecotourism or email

Needed: $500,000 to purchase essential next piece of land in the biological corridor. Please donate now.