MCLUS E Newsletter Febuary 2009

MCLUS President in Monteverde

In order to stay in close communication with the Monteverde Conservation League Rachel Crandell attended MCL Annual Meeting this month. Much gratitude was expressed by the MCL Board for MCLUS’ contribution that made the recent land purchase possible. The addition of Pacific slope land to protect the biological corridor is a major priority for both our organizations and only made possible by your generous donations.

New Pocosol Field Station


Pocosol (meaning only a little sun) is the biological field station on the Caribbean slope of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. The elevation is 2000′ lower than at San Gerardo. The forest is very different at that altitude. The BEN (El Bosque Eterno de los Ninos) is so diverse that it has five life zones which accommodate a wide variety of plants and animals. A new lodge has been built at Pocosol with a view of the lake where endangered Central American river otters come.

Monteverde: Meetings, Meetings, Meetings


Other important work being done in Monteverde includes establishing reciprocal conservation easements by land owners, board coordinating  with interim Exec. Director of MCL, Yuber Rodriguez, explanation of the Coridor Biologica Pajaro Campana by Deb Hamilton, and Climate Change lecture by Alan Pounds.  Deb likes to say we are not only Eco-friendly, we are Ego-friendly when it comes to finding solutions for the forest through collaboration.

Needed: $500,000 to purchase essential next piece of land in the biological corridor. Please donate now.