MCLUS E Newsletter April 2009

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest Sends You an Earth Day Gift!


We think of it as a gift when the rainforest occasionally reveals one of its secrets to us. Very recently some hikers crossing one of the remotest areas of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest received such a gift. They were taking a lunch break along the Rio Penas Blancas in the heart of the BEN (El Bosque Eterno de los Ninos) when a puma came to the edge of the river. Like a silent phantom it appeared and disappeared back into the forest. One of the brothers was quick enough, and had presence of mind enough, to snap this photo. Now we can all share in the gift. Puma are prevalent in this forest. We see their tracks. The forest guards know their territorial scrape marks. But they are seldom seen. To be part of the coincidence of a stealthy wild puma and human beings in the daylight in the midst of a 54,000 acre wilderness is truly a gift and a wonder. This couldn’t have happened if the BEN were not protected and maintained by our brave forest guards and the donations of our loyal supporters. The gift goes both ways. Happy Earth Day!

Frogbags Save on Plastic Waste and Raise $$ for the BEN


Katherine Phillips, one of our Student Ambassadors to the BEN in 2007, and a friend gave birth to an exciting environmentally friendly idea: personalized reusable grocery bags! In addition to providing the public with a practical product, Frogbags’ goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible by helping reduce plastic waste. They will donate 5% of the their profits to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Frogbags will start production the middle of May. To find out how to order your Frogbag contact

Space Available for the June 10-23 and June 22-July 5 Trips to the BEN


Still considering that long awaited trip to Costa Rica? Airfares are lower than ever right now. MCLUS trips focused on conservation with fabulous photo ops in the rainforest both have some spaces still available. Check out itinerary on and see if this is the trip for you. $1895 includes everything for two weeks except airfare. Ask your questions at

MCLUS Spring Talks, Festivals, Annual Meeting and Trip

April 1 Principia Lower School, Town and Country, MO
April 7 Washington University, St Louis, MO
April 8 Women’s Voices, Ethical Soc, Clayton, MO
April 12 Webster University, Webster, MO
April 16 Principia Biology Department, Town and Country, MO
April 18 Missouri Botanical Garden, St Louis, MO
April 18 DKG Conference, Springfield, MO
April 20 REI store, Brentwood, MO
April 23 Principia Preschool, Town and Country, MO
April 24 Our Lady of the Snows, Edwardsville, IL
April 26 Earth Day Festival, St. Louis, MO
May 11 MCLUS Annual Meeting, St Louis, MO
May 18 Wolf Branch School, Swansea, IL
May 18-27 Fox River Country Day, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Donate to the Land Purchase and Protection Campaign

Earth Day is a perfect time to send your support to the protection and expansion of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Please donate online or send your check to “MCLUS”, 1128 Weidman Rd., Town and Country, MO 63017. Thank you, and Happy Earth Day!