Message from Laurie Waller, President MCLUS

Monteverde Conservation League U.S. - Supporting the Children's Eternal Rainforest since 2002

November 2010

Dear Friends,

The loud “bonk” of the rare Three-wattled Bellbird woke me in the misty dawn of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. I set out to find this elusive bird, and as sunlight brightened the lush forest, I found it silhouetted on a bare branch sounding its distinctive call.

Bellbird in Children's Eternal Rainforest

The thrill of seeing the Bellbird in its natural habitat was a reminder that the work of the Monteverde Conservation League (MCL) makes it possible for the vitality of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest to continue uninterrupted. It is one of the few places left in the world where the web of life is still intact.

Your donations are critical for the day-to-day survival and expanded protection of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Thanks to a generous $15,000 matching gift, every dollar you give prior to December 31st provides $2.00 of support to MCL. And, if your corporation offers a matching gift program, your donation can make an even greater impact. Please click on the “Donate Now” button if you would like to make an on-line donation. Or, if you would prefer sending a check, please use the address at the bottom of this letter.

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Your gift helps pay for field study guides, scientific equipment, guards’ salaries, vehicles, and maintenance of MCL’s biological field stations. Plus, your donation today can help us purchase the remaining half of the 252 acres of the “Pipe Cruz” property – a critical link between two sections of the forest. We urgently need your donations today to complete our purchase contract of $150,000 by March 2011.

You can also help by signing up for one of our eco-tours to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Our trips are led by tropical biologists who share their wealth of knowledge about this ecosystem. You will hike, plant trees, raft, visit waterfalls, take night hikes, watch the Arenal volcano erupt, mist-net for birds and bats, and much more! Please check out our website for details on our wonderful trips planned for 2011.

As many of you know, contributions from children and adults from 44 countries around the world saved this amazing 54,000 acre forest – the largest private preserve in Central America. I want to share something that Dr. Peter Raven, President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden and MCLUS board member, said at a recent meeting. I keep it posted on my office wall. He said, “We share a common responsibility to hold these magnificent forests in trust for all the children of the world who made it possible to acquire them.” Let’s keep this trust. Please give today and help us in this critical conservation work!

Your partner for the forest,

Signed, Laurie Waller

Laurie Waller, President

Monteverde Conservation League U.S., Inc.
242 Old Sulphur Spring
Manchester, MO 63021

P.S. Donations given before December 31, 2010 qualify for up to $15,000 in matching funds. Please contribute today and your gift will be doubled!

Rainforest pictures

Photos taken at Pocosol Field Station by Dr. Julia Matamoros, member of MCLUS Board.

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