February, 2011 Assembly at MCL

February 2011 MCL Meeting
Laurie Waller (president MCLUS), Mark Wainwright (newly elected MCL board president), Dr. Julia Matamoros (MCL and MCLUS board member)

MCL’s 25th Annual Assembly was held on February 12, 2011. This all-day meeting was a time of happy camaraderie, reflection on accomplishments, and hope for the future. Thanks were given for the many caring individuals worldwide who have supported MCL and the CER. That includes many of you! Because of MCL’s commitment, integrity, and wise stewardship the CER continues in good hands.

Bob Law cutting MCL 25th Anniversary cake
Bob Law cutting MCL 25th Anniversary cake

Laurie Waller presenting to MCL

At the assembly, Laurie Waller, MCLUS president, (pictured here) shared a report of MCLUS’ year of transition. Since the Crandells’ passing, MCLUS is pressing forward, with careful restructuring and a growing board, to continue to be a sustainable organization. MCLUS has a key role in the urgent conservation work that MCL is doing. We must keep raising funds for land purchase and protection. The CER is a dynamic forest, and because of some species’ migration patterns needs to expand. More habitat is needed and forest protection continues to be an urgent priority.

Yuber Rodriguez showing Pipe Cruz land

Yuber Rodriguez shows the Pipe Cruz land, purchased by MCLUS’ generous donors. He updated the assembly on the status of the final 50% land payment and shared reasons for its conservation value. These include its position within the Bellbird Biological Corridor, the reduction of access to the CER by poachers, its value as watershed for downstream communities, and connectivity between two separate pieces of the CER.

MCL 25th Anniversary tapir cake
The 25th assembly meeting concluded with a celebratory tapir cake!

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