MCLUS February 2011 Newsletter – Helping MCL celebrate their 25th birthday this year!

Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Monteverde Conserveration League!

Monteverde Conservation League, U.S.

Dear Friends of the Forest,

2011 is a year of celebration! The Monteverde Conservation League (MCL) celebrates its 25th year as creators and guardians of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER)! Since 1986, and the start of MCL, we have seen hope become action. Recently, I attended MCL’s 25th annual assembly and am convinced that today greater accomplishments are possible. More habitat can be protected. More species can be saved. More carbon dioxide can be removed from the air. The CER is a phenomenal bio-diversity “hot spot” – a world wonder needing your care.

This winter newsletter launches our first quarterly format. We want to give you expanded rainforest news – information to read now or when you have a quieter moment. In this issue you’ll see:

  • an update on MCL’s 25th annual assembly
  • news of its 25th celebration
  • the CER’s unique biological field stations, which give you an immersion rainforest experience and are special destinations of MCLUS eco-tours
  • information on the summer 2011 trips – reserve your place today for a Costa Rican adventure!

You’ll also find the latest news on the diverse and wonderful CER in our new blog. Be sure to check out our new blog post on “Canopy in the Clouds” – an immersive, multi-media science education project from the cloud forests of Monteverde!

Let’s join MCL in recognition of what can be accomplished in conservation with dedication, patience and focus.

For the Forest,

Signed, Laurie Waller

Laurie Waller
Monteverde Conservation League U.S.

Old MCL photo

It’s MCL’s 25th birthday!

MCL stewards the largest private reserve in Costa Rica. The story of MCL is totally unique – it’s about children’s hope, the uniting of a common conservation purpose, 44 countries donating funds, and over 215 land acquisitions.

Twenty five years ago, 14 people concerned about rampant rainforest destruction in Costa Rica created the Monteverde Conservation League (MCL).

Click here to read more about the celebrations on our blog.

Come to Costa Rica — explore biological field stations!

View of Arenal Volcano from the San Gerardo Field Station
View of Arenal Volcano from the San Gerardo Field Station

The best way to explore deep within the Children’s Eternal Rainforest is to stay at one of the two biological field stations. San Gerardo station is an hour and a half’s walk from the Santa Elena Reserve entrance. The Pocosol station, on the Caribbean side of the CER, is accessible by car.

By special reservation, travelers can hike to Pocosol. It is a nature-immersion experience, a rigorous twelve-hour hike over two days through pristine ecosystems which gradually change as you descend towards Pocosol. The species of birds, plants and animals are increasingly adapted to the warmer, wetter climate as you descend. The trail crosses rivers, goes deep within primary forests and skirts secondary forests re-forested by the Monteverde Conservation League (MCL), enabling you to see first-hand what has been protected and how it is possible to regenerate even cleared forest.

Click here to read more about the exciting opportunities to visit field stations here.

February, 2011 Assembly at MCL

February 2011 MCL Meeting
Laurie Waller (president MCLUS), Mark Wainwright (newly elected MCL board president), Dr. Julia Matamoros (MCL and MCLUS board member)

MCL’s 25th Annual Assembly was held on February 12, 2011. This all-day meeting was a time of happy camaraderie, reflection on accomplishments, and hope for the future. Thanks were given for the many caring individuals worldwide who have supported MCL and the CER. That includes many of you! Because of MCL’s commitment, integrity, and wise stewardship the CER continues in good hands.

At the assembly, Laurie Waller, MCLUS president, shared a report of MCLUS’ year of transition. Since the Crandells’ passing, MCLUS is pressing forward, with careful restructuring and a growing board, to continue to be a sustainable organization. MCLUS has a key role in the urgent conservation work that MCL is doing. We must keep raising funds for land purchase and protection. The CER is a dynamic forest, and because of some species’ migration patterns needs to expand. More habitat is needed and forest protection continues to be an urgent priority.

Click here to read the rest of this entry on our blog

Introducing Mia Roberts – MCLUS’ new blogger!

Mia Roberts in Fig Tree

You will find the latest news and information about the CER on our blog. Check out past and upcoming blogs at: Read on to learn more about Mia and her passionate connection to the rainforest! Mia is pictured below climbing inside a strangler fig tree.

“I am a graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, with a BA in Integrative Biology. My connection with the MCL began when I participated in a study-abroad program through my university located in Monteverde, Costa Rica.”

Click here to learn more about Mia

Travel with MCLUS in 2011

High in the mountains of Costa Rica is a rich forest of over 54,000 acres, saved by the contributions of children from 44 countries. The Monteverde Conservation League U.S., Inc. (MCLUS) supports the preservation of this special forest and you can help this wonderful effort when you travel with MCLUS. All trips include a $200 donation to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. For more information on MCLUS or our eco-tourism packages, check out our website:

Hammocks in Costa Rica

JULY 2-15
From the scenic peaks of the Tilaran mountains to the warm sandy beaches of the central Pacific coast – your adventure awaits!
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Sloth in Costa Rica


Educational opportunities, community service, exploring different cultures and rainforest immersion await you in Costa Rica.
Trip cost: $2,095 (not including airfare). Click here for more info…

Click here for details about these two amazing eco-tourism trips in 2011

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