25th Anniversary Celebrations Continue

by Rowan Eisner, Monteverde, Costa Rica

MCL Facepainting

Walking through the rainforest

MCL continues to enjoy marking the results of the 25 years of hard work that created the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. On the 2nd and 9th of April they held a children’s event at the farmers’ market with face-painting, story telling, games and puzzles all focused on nature and animal themes.

On April 16th the Bajo del Tigre section of the reserve had an open day with guided walks, food, nature videos, forest creature face-painting, puzzles and know-your-forest activities in the casita (The Children’s Education Center).

Back in February, staff and associates of MCL gathered at Bajo del Tigre visitor center to hear the story of MCL from Bob Law – a 25 year timeline in pictures. The video of this and Bob’s slide show will soon be on MCL’s web site. They also planted punch berry trees (Myrcia splenders) which they had propagated in MCL’s nursery because there were only two left alive in the reserve. At the February assembly meeting at the main office everyone sang “happy birthday MCL” accompanied by a birthday cake.

Sleeping Sloth
Sleeping sloth at Bajo del Tigre open house

The biggest celebrations are yet to come. On May 1st Ecofest marks the occasion in art, nature and sustainability, highlighting eco-friendly alternatives such as solar cooking, pedal power, hydroponics and composting, with an art show and concerts.

At all such events people can check out the milestones along the way on the 25 year time-line banner with MCL depicted as a tree growing from the roots up, from 14 people meeting in Bob’s living room, into a flourishing canopy as part of a biosphere reserve with IUCN recognition.

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