Schools and students world-wide raise money for the forest!

Between 2009 and 2010, MCLUS received $13,400 from schools and academies whose students held fundraisers to support land purchase in The Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Ideas for raising money were unique and varied: bake sales, a karate memorial break-a-thon, note paper sales, home chores and home electric/water conservation, contributing birthday money, giving programs and collecting funds from other students who care about the forest, collecting deposit money from bottles and cans, sponsoring a silent and dress up day at school to raise money, read-a-thons, and writing stories about the rainforest. As you can see, when children put their minds and hearts to a good cause much innovation follows. MCLUS wishes to honor and thank those schools, students, teachers and parents who worked hard to raise awareness of the rainforest and give charitably to our organization.

Ada Vista Elementary School 4th Grade
Austin School 5th grade
Birney Elementary
Centerville Public Schools 5th Grade
Conway Elementary School
Dolores School Student Council
Eagle College Prep
Fort Worth Country Day School 1st Grade
Fulton School at St. Albans
Glenridge Elementary School
Hoover Karate Academy
Jennings Lodge School
Little Red School House
Mayo Elementary School 5th Grade
Memorial School Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Nature Club and 4th Grade
Meyer School 5th Grade
Milton Academy 5th Grade
Molalla Elementary School
Nashoba Brooks School Kindergarten Class
Ninety-One School
Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital Junior School
Rundlett Middle School
Selwyn Elementary
St. Bede School 7th grade
Tara Redwood School Primary Class
The Gillispie School Kindergarten
The Principia School
Turkey Foot Middle School
Wolf Branch School
Woodland Country Day School 5th Grade
Worcester Preparatory School

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