Eco Fest celebrate’s MCL’s birthday

May kicked off with an Ecofest on May Day, organised a member of the community called Fish (aka Orlando Clavo), to commemorate ACM’s landmark 25th year. It was well attended by members of the Monteverde community and people from local organisations. There were stalls illustrating many aspects of sustainability from the embryonic local recycling program, through sustainable food production to powering your home with a bicycle.

ACM presented a children´s play, ‘Red Alert’ about the threats to the animals of the forest. We showed our film ‘Stranded‘ about the importance of connectivity in the landscape to preserve the precious ecosystems of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. There was a children’s program including such activities as drawing and storytelling.

To give you a flavor of the diversity of the event, here are some of the other activities on the day: eco films with live music, the story eco-pioneer Wolf Guindon, on-site recycling, water harvesting, eco retaining wall construction, the farmers’ market, eco coffee growing, peak oil documentary, nature photography and art, home made solar water heating and solar ovens, worm farming, upcycled chair made from garbage, Pura Fruta tree planting on public land, native trees to plant at home, native seed empregnated recycled paper, the biological corridor to the pacific coast, Pronativas native gardens and University of Georgia projects such as turtle monitoring.

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