By Meri Vasquez and Rowan Eisner

From time to time MLC gets calls from our neighbours letting us know that a wild animal needs rescuing from someone who thought it would make a cute pet.

Back in March we got just such a call from the Inva community next to the CER. There were two female sloths, one of whom was pregnant. They were duly released safely back into their original home in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.


Also in March these five raccoons finally felt the freedom of the CER after 8 months in rehabilitation at the Assisi rescue center under the care of Dr Jaime de Castillo.





Then a few weeks ago this tiny baby jaguarundi was rescued from a neighbouring village. Poachers would have probably killed the mother to get the baby. It will need to spend several months in rehab at Assisi before it will be ready to be release.

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