Conservando agua, Conservando vida de la planeta

Last year MCL applied for a grant from Bosque Eterno to run an education program about water for local children.

Bosque Eterno is the original reserve set up by the Quaker settlers in Monteverde to protect their water supply. It now forms the core of the Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve. Each year they offer grants to the local community organisations to run projects mainly to do with water source protection and education.

So, MCL proposed to have 10-12 year olds from local schools come out to the Bajo del Tigre section of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest to learn about water. They got the grant ($1100) and classes from Los LLanos, San Luis and La Creativa came out to spent time on the program ‘Conservando agua, Conservando vida de la planeta’ – Conserving water we conserve life on the planet.

Before heading out on the trails they got together to hear about how to tell the physical, chemical and biological health of rivers. Such factors as temperature, pollutants and which invertebrates are in the water will all give clues to the water quality. They also learned about conserving water and the importance of leaving enough water in the rivers for nature.

Then they took to the trails to see for themselves the importance of water to life. Plants, animals and birds each have their own needs for water and their own ways of getting it. Then it was back to the Casita, the environmental education house, to think about ways of conserving water. That and ice-cream!

Wendy Brenes presented the project at annual general meeting of Bosque Eterno, and she has an application in to run it again this year with different schools. So, fingers crossed!

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