Interview with Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy

MCLUS President Laurie Waller had an opportunity to interview MCLUS board member Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy on two separate occasions.

In this brief chat Dr. Lovejoy shares his views on the environment and protecting biodiversity for a more livable planet.

Find out more about Dr. Lovejoy on this link:

And here Dr. Lovejoy shares his hope for the future.

One thought on “Interview with Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy

  1. Tom: I am so impressed and blessed by the great work The Lord God himself is having you do to be a keeper of His gift to us to be a good steward of. I am really enjoying and learning so much of what is crucial, vital, and paramount in true conservation of the resources our Creator has given us to take care of. Thanks again for all you are doing.]

    David Thorp Harrison

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