Mission: generator swap

Rancho Margot's generator

Bob and Vin are off on an epic mission for The League today. They are going to collect two over-sized hydro power generators and take them to San Jose to see if they can swap them for one that would be the right size for San Gerardo station.

Bob Law is an MCL founder and board member and Vin is the maintenance manager. Together they are going to Rancho Margo, an ecotourism venture neighbouring the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and an overnight stop for hikers doing the 2-day trail from Monteverde to Arenal. Rancho Margo is self-sufficient in hydro power but this generator is excess to their needs and they are donating it to MCL.

Then they will go to San Gerado where they will pick up the huge generator there. You may have read in a previous post that originally there was a community at San Gerado that needed power but now there is only one family left as farms have become part of the reserve, the power and the maintenance of the existing generator is too much. Picking up the generator from San Gerardo is no easy feat. Access to the station is rough for the quad bike without carrying a generator and it is still a kilometer down the river from the field station where there is no access for a vehicle. I hope this isn’t too much for Bob – it’s only a few months since he had surgery.

Once they have both generators, they then start the 4-hour journey to San Jose where there is an area with many second-hand shops specialising in refurbished motors and generators. There they will hawk their generators door to door to see if they can swap the two big generators for one the right size for San Gerardo.

They thought they might make it back the same day, but given that it’s 8 hours of driving on a good day, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up spending the night somewhere. When I find out how they went, I’ll let you know.

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