Drawing attention to Bajo del Tigre

Earlier this year, MCL asked the study abroad program at CIEE if they could find us an intern to help improve the signage for Bajo del Tigre. The idea is for Bajo del Tigre to be easier to find, attracting more visitors and making things easier for those who do visit. This complements beautification work done by previous CIEE interns and other volunteers.

Lyndsay Gordon took up the change and in August she worked with MCL staff to redesign and rebuild the signs. One of the aims was to reuse materials as much as possible and to make them reusable again in the future. So the existing signs were taken apart and rebuilt using screws and the backs of the signs. The big signs at the entrances from the road used banners to enable more information to be displayed.

Lyndsay feels she learnt a lot from the project about how to work across language and cultural barriers to produce a high quality finished product.

So now Bajo del Tigre has eye-catching, attractive and informative signage, we should start seeing more visitors coming through, just in time for high season. Now we just need to monitor the results.

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