New Chapter and Whole Foods Market Show Strong Support – AGAIN!

Planting trees in Costa Rica
Tom Newmark, Whole Foods staff, and folks from Luna Nueva and New Chapter planted trees along the Chachagua River

MCLUS is happy to report that the “cause marketing” campaign on behalf of the rainforest through New Chapter and Whole Foods raised almost $100,000 in 2011. We want to thank Tom Newmark president of New Chapter, for continuing his support of MCLUS and the rainforest by donating a percentage of the sales of New Chapter products through several Whole Foods stores nation-wide. And we want to thank all the people at Whole Foods for their enthusiastic support and creative displays.

In August, Whole Foods sent several staff who had been involved with the New Chapter campaign down to Costa Rica to visit Luna Nueva, Tom Newmark’s organic farm and eco-lodge. They planted trees along a corridor which connects the Children’s Eternal Rainforest with Luna Nueva.

By Cindy Waller, Administrative Assistant

New Chapter display in Brentwood, MO
New Chapter display in Whole Foods Market, Brentwood, MO
New Chapter display in Town and Country, MO
New Chapter display in Whole Foods Market in Town & Country, MO

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