Guard patrols

Patrolling the protected area is part of the daily work of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. These patrols are necesary to prevent hunting and collecting plants and other materials from the reserve. Trails are monitored and also off-trail areas where hunters with dogs are sometimes removed from the forest. This is especially a problem on summer days and on full moon.

We are also constantly monitoring areas where there is conflict with neighbouring farms. In Costa Rica squatters can gain rights to land they occupy but do not own and several neighbouring families have been trying for years to take over properties which are now part of the Forest. We are working together with a neighbouring reserve to gain evidence of a similar occupation by one of these families in order to press charges against them.

There is also conflict with a family which is building a house next to The Forest and where there is a court order preventing them from constructing trails, but constant monitoring is needed to ensure they are not maintaining their trails in our Forest.

On the other hand, in the Chachagua catchment the community is working together to make sure a possible hydro-electric project does not damage The Forest, as has happened in other nearby rivers. Engineers have been conducting studies in the area with the possibility of caputuring or diverting both the Chachagua and the Burro River.


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