Rebuilding the lookout

About two years ago volunteers built a viewing platform at Bajo del Tigre. Actually, my partner Willy and I slept the night on it as part of a fundraising Canopy Campaign by the Friends School. But the conditions here tend to make wood rot and the trees grew up around the platform blocking the stunning sunset views. So a rebuilding project is underway in a collaboration between MCL staff and volunteers. This time the platform will be concrete and steel and higher up to preserve those views.

Laurie from Friends of the Rainforest sent me some initial photos of the construction work and I could see people working on green wood and I thought the new platform was being made out of steel, so I thought I’d better go and check it out for myself.

Sure enough, the new structure is all steel and concrete. You know what it reminds me of? A hang gliding launch ramp – now there’s a new adventure sport of the CER! People could soar with the vultures.

I think the pictures Laurie sent me were of the salvageable wood from the old platform being prepared for reuse.

I snuck around the cordon and went somewhat gingerly up to the edge of the ramp. It was pretty scary with no handrails and a precipitous drop from the end of the ramp and the actual platform not built yet. But already from that point the views to the gulf were great.


Bob Law has been taking pictures at every stage of construction and is making a slide show, so when it’s finished I’ll post it on here and you can watch the whole thing go up, from start to finish.

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