Gabe G. Maps the BEN!

Gabe G.
Gabe, friend and crusader of the forest

Gabe G., a 17 year old Pennsylvanian with a knack for fundraising, has a new project underway – helping to map the Children’s Eternal Rainforest!

The young FCER supporter has already given to the forest through his entrepreneurial “Rice Sacks for the Rainforest” business in which he makes and sells heatable rice-filled neckwarmers, raising over $3750 for the project since 2006, (a favorite Christmas gift among FCER supporters–you can find more information at

Gabe’s latest venture – Map the BEN – will involve working in the forest to collect scientific data for the creation of new maps and trail guides. Gabe has been hard at work to execute the project, applying to numerous companies and organizations for grants to obtain the mapping equipment – a Garmin Oregon 450 GPS, a Dell Mobile Precision M6700 laptop, and a 1 year ArcGIS license from ESRI. Having studied GIS and cartography from a local university, Gabe will spend five weeks carrying out the project this fall with his father, a biologist, and his mother, a writer and translator.

Maps are critical to the success of any conservation project because they provide the foundation for scientific study.  Gabe’s entrepreneurial endeavors in support of the CER exemplify and honor the tradition of youth empowerment and activism by which the CER was created and continues to thrive.  Well done Gabe!

You can follow Gabe’s Map the BEN work on his website and we’ll keep you posted on his work.

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