Kids In Action: Iain L.

Sixth-grader Iain L.
Iain L., fundraiser for the forest

Sixth-grader Iain L. from Roosevelt, New Jersey created a fundraiser at his school called Change for Change – a loose change drive to protect wintering habitat of the Kentucky Warbler, a NJ bird that migrates to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Iain raised $700 to help buy and protect half-an-acre of rainforest. Here’s what Iain had to say about his project:

Every student in 6th grade in my school has to “Do One Thing – for a better world” – related to a United Nations International Day, or other important day. You ‘do one thing’ to help others, help the community, or help the world. I wanted to help save the rainforest, so I chose “Biodiversity Day”.

I asked my mum if she could help me find a good project. Mum told me that the birds from New Jersey fly south for the winter and sometimes find their winter home gone when they get there. I wanted to stop the forests from being chopped down, so I decided to raise money to buy a piece of forest to protect it.

I asked my uncle, who studied rainforest birds at university, if there was a bird born in Roosevelt that went to the rainforest in the winter that might need help. He told me of a few different birds. I looked at their pictures and picked the Kentucky warbler because it was cool-looking, pretty, and brightly colored.

Iain L. Whale Watching Photo
Iain L. while whale watching

I had a loose change drive. I placed ‘loose change’ containers in every classroom in my school and wrote a letter to everyone telling them about my project and asking them to send in loose change. I also sold some old books, did yard work for my parents, and did a letter-writing campaign to friends and family. I also made a presentation to my town’s environmental commission and asked them if they could help too.

Saving the rainforest [is important because it] doesn’t just help the Kentucky warbler, it helps all the other animals that live there, like jaguars, sloths, and many insects.

On behalf of the Kentucky Warbler and all of the animals in the CER, thank you Iain for helping to protect the rainforest!

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