New Board Members

Friends of the Rainforest’s Board of Directors is currently seeking new board members. Please submit your cover letter and resume to for consideration.

Ideal Candidates will have strong interest and experience in one or more of the following: effective participation in Board activities, advising and providing council on legal documentation, necessary tax filings, executive hiring process, personnel policies and salary scale. Exceptional talent in fund raising and/or marketing will be highly valued. These areas involve identifying prospective donors, building relationships with them and developing strategies for their cultivation.

Board Member Responsibilities Are As Follows

  • Regularly prepares for and attends bi-monthly meetings.
  • Participates on at least one subcommittee of the Board.
  • Works cooperatively with fellow Board Members to complete the Board’s work in a timely manner.
  • Ensures that her or his participation contributes to the effective operation of the Board and the success of the organization:
  • Maintaining objectivity in all deliberations.
  • Supporting all Board decisions once they are made.
  • Participating in honest evaluations of one’s own performance and that of the Board.
  • Attends Board training workshops.
  • Provides the Board and FOTR with advice and technical assistance in her or his individual areas of expertise.
  • Acts as an advocate and representative of the FOTR in creating and maintaining relationships with FOTR’s community and financial supporters.
  • Acts as liaison to Costa Rican partners through travel to Costa Rica with board at own expense.


A Board Member Makes The Commitment To Work And Lead With Determination, Integrity And Purpose, And Embodies These Essential Qualities

Friends of the Rainforest Board Member is more than a community volunteer. This person’s work supports FOTR’s vision to promote a sustainable world.

  • Passionate with an unwavering commitment to FOTR’s mission.
  • Has a shared vision for FOTR and the steps required to realize that vision.
  • Understands the distinction between the roles and responsibilities of each person and entity involved.
  • Willingness to volunteer for one or more Board committees and the ability to contribute appropriate time and energy necessary to follow through on assigned tasks.
  • Results-oriented with the ability to work within a team structure.
  • Specific knowledge, experience, and/or interest in at least one element of governance for FOTR.
  • Commitment to a partnership based on mutual trust and respect among the Board, the Executive Director, Staff and volunteers.