New Education and Outreach Coordinator

 As a Science, Math, and STEM teacher, I have been recognized for my innovative and STEM based lessons that I have built for K-12 grade students. I was honored to receive the NSTA Vernier Award for Innovative Use of Technology (2017), was named the Illinois STEM teacher of the Year by the Illinois Science Teacher Association (2016), and received the Heartlands Conservancy’s Green Leaf Award for Engaging Individuals with Nature (2017).  I have a passions for engaging students with nature, STEM, and hands on science. I look forward to partnering with you to help you engage your students while they learn about the rainforest.

I am reaching out to my fellow science teachers to let you all know of a free resource being offered by the Friends of the Rainforest, a St. Louis based nonprofit group. Through a generous donation, we are able to offer STEM resources to classrooms.  As the new Education and Outreach Coordinator, I am activity building STEM kits, presentations, and online lessons that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards to share with you.

Our mission of protecting the Rainforest begins with education.  We know there are many demands on your time as you begin another school year and hope that this new resource can allow you to supply your students with innovative and dynamic lessons without causing you more stress.
If you are a teacher looking to cover a certain science standard, are wanting to update or refresh a lesson, or if you have been “assigned” to teach science for the first time in your life, I would love to partner with you.
In the next coming months we will be uploading lessons on our website, providing STEM kits availible for check out in the St. Louis area, and providing guest speakers to visit local classrooms.
Feel free to reach out to me to help you with your classroom needs.
Best Regards,