Rainforest Reads

The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure $8.95

by Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini, Rachel Crandell

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica is a great place to hear howler monkeys, see algae-covered sloths, and discover that strangler figs make great hideouts Join young Peter on a hike through this inspiring forest – a rainforest that has been preserved forever by the efforts of children all over the world. Synopsis by Goodreads

Peter’s adventure provides a great story for kids and includes sidebars with age appropriate scientific knowledge to give kids real information about the rainforest.

Hands of the Maya: Villagers at Work and Play $16.95

 by Rachel Crandell

Witness loving, working hands in action in this vivid portrait of life in a Maya village.

“Grandmother Apolonia has gone to market for the day to weave and sell her baskets.”

Experience a day in the life of a Maya village. The wisdom of the phrase “Many hands make light work” comes across in vivid detail as the community prepares a warm meal, weaves clothing, constructs roofs, and creates art and music. Best of all-in the morning or at the end of the busy day, a pair of strong, gentle hands never seems hard to find.With its lyrical prose and richly textured photographs, this engaging picture book captures the hard work, love, and respect of the Maya culture. Synopsis by Goodreads 

Hands of the Rain Forest: The Emberá People of Panama $16.95

by Rachel Crandell 

The Emberá people of Panama use their hands to turn the gifts of the tropical rain forest into meals and essential daily supplies. Emberá children quickly follow in the steps of their parents. They learn to fish for crabs and carve a canoe from wood. Nothing is wasted in the rain forest—leaves are used to make baskets, the juice of the jagua fruit is applied as a mosquito repellent, and the river provides fresh water for bathing. Through firsthand experience, children are introduced to the lifestyle and traditions of the Emberá culture.  Synopsis by Goodreads 

Walking with Wolf: Reflections on a Life Spent Protecting the Costa Rican Wilderness $12.95

by Kay Chornook, Wolf Guindon

From the lush, windy cloud forest of Monteverde in Central America comes the story of pioneering conservationist Wolf Guindon. Jailed in the United States in 1949 as a conscientious objector, Wolf and his bride Lucky were among a small group of Quakers who left Alabama a year later in search of a new life and found it on a wet, green mountaintop in Costa Rica. For the next twenty years, Wolf labored clearing land, establishing a dairy farm with which he could support his eight children, even as he was falling in love with the flourishing jungle around him. In 1972, he found a new purpose when he helped establish the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Since then he has worked relentlessly to secure the protection of the surrounding wilderness so that the flora and fauna of this vast, incredibly beautiful and biologically diverse region will be intact for generations to come.

In 1990, following her first experience of walking with Wolf for several days through the rainforest, Canadian social activist Kay Chornook gave Wolf a tape recorder. She encouraged him to record his many remarkable tales of cutting trails through the dense vegetation, coming face-to-face with wild cats in the darkness, following tapir tracks across the ridges, discovering the magic and mysteries of the wild abundance of the area, and sharing innumerable cups of coffee with homesteaders, biologists and fellow adventurers. Walking with Wolf is a personal memoir, but it is also the history of a place and a movement as well as a celebration of lives lived amongst the trees of both Canada and Costa Rica.   Synopsis provided by Goodreads.

The Mammals of Costa Rica: A Natural History and Field Guide $29.95

by Mark D. Wainwright

From the raucous mantled howler monkeys and the charismatic white-nosed coatis to the elusive jaguar, The Mammals of Costa Rica offers authoritative accounts of the fascinating creatures of the neotropics. With more than four hundred spectacular illustrations and a wealth of detailed information drawn from firsthand observation, new research, and synthesis of the scientific literature, this book describes all of Costa Rica’s readily identifiable terrestrial and freshwater mammals. The clear and entertaining text is perfectly suited to meet the needs of naturalists, students, and researchers, as well as both experienced and first-time visitors to Costa Rica and the American tropics. The mammal descriptions include key identification features, range maps, vocalizations, local folklore and mythology, and comprehensive information about natural history and conservation. The color illustrations show not only the mammals themselves but also their tracks, foods, and skulls. Also included are illustrations of numerous other animals and plants with which the mammals have close ecological links. By presenting mammals in a broader context, The Mammals of Costa Rica provides an entry point into a general study of tropical ecology and conservation.  Synopsis provided by Goodreads 

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Raising Charitable Children $4.95

by Carol Wiesman

How many times have we heard ourselves, our friends, or our kids’ grandparents complain that children have too many things and don’t appreciate any of it? We all enjoy doing things for children – buying them something special, taking them on a fun outing, throwing a great birthday party. But at the same time, many of us fear that without some balance, most children will grow up thinking only of themselves. This observation is what led Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, MOM, to write “Raising Charitable Children.” In this book, Weisman shares real-life stories collected from allover the world of how parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, scout leaders, friends, next door neighbors, and her own family have either initiated or supported ways to teach children how to give back to those in need. But she doesn’t stop there. After each of the stories, Weisman offers specific steps to help anyone translate these ideas into action. In this way, she turns what might have been just a lot of wonderful stories into a set of practical maps or models anyone can use to start making a difference now. Synopsis by Amazon 

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Aluminum Water Bottle $15.00

Show your support for the forest and stay hydrated while working out, during 5ks, or just out and about. It’s easy with these 20 oz. custom aluminum water bottles. It’s BPA Free and features a twist cap with attached carabiner clip and strong single insulation body.

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