What We Do

Friends of the Rainforest is committed to our mission of educating and inspiring children and adults to take action to protect, support, and expand the Rainforest.


We educate kids and adults about the importance of rainforests

  • Friends of the Rainforest creates curriculum for use by schools wishing to provide upper elementary, middle school, and high school classes with conservation education and scientific research opportunities related to rainforest and environmental conservation. This programming includes taking students on trips to experience and study the Forest and its ecosystems.  Contact us today – We are happy to come share information about the rainforest with your group or organization. 

We provide grants to organizations who do work related to rainforest conservation

  • The programs and initiatives supported by these grants include the purchase of endangered habitat to add to reserves; funding for educational programs related to rainforest conservation and environmental issues; scientific research in or relating to the reserve’s ecosystems; support for Forest protection and operations including boundary maintenance, wildlife rescue and poaching prevention; and improvements to field stations, visitor centers and other educational interpretive and scientific facilities. Click here to read more about our granting program.

We conduct outreach and awareness programs

  • Friends of the Rainforest conducts community outreach to raise awareness of issues relating to rainforests and global conservation issues. This includes speaking engagements at civic clubs, universities, special interest groups, youth organizations and in-home gatherings; awareness-raising events; the publication of a quarterly newsletter; and the creation and dissemination of other educational materials.  Join our mailing list to be kept up to date!

We help others experience the rainforest

  • By leading trips to the Forest where participants experience the Forest by staying at one of its field stations, learn about the rainforest through guided interpretive hikes with experienced naturalists and enjoy Costa Rican culture, cuisine and eco-adventure opportunities.  Plan your adventure now!