Grants: A History of Helping

Over the years, Friends of the Rainforest has completed numerous grants to organizations devoted to protecting the rainforest.

Below you’ll find our open grants as well as our funded grants.  To donate to a specific fund, please put the grant number in the memo line of your check or in the comments area of your online donation!

Grant #23 – Completed           Date: May 2017          Amount $60,000               Recipient: MCL

Monteverde Conservation League received funding to repair the Pocosol Field Station.  This amazing resource for students, researchers, travelers, and day visitors has been closed due to damages from the 2012 earthquake, and reopens in May of 2018!  A huge amount of work took place to stabilize the slope and repair the dormitory/classroom building.  We are so happy to have this station available once again!

Grant #22 – Completed          Date: Jan 2017          Amount $12,000          Recipient: MCL

Monteverde Conservation League sought funding to replace the San Gerardo and main station’s four-wheelers with newer models.  A newer four-wheeler ensures that the staff is able to carry out their duties effectively and safely.  It will also minimize maintenance and repair costs – which are high and constant for this particular vehicle – as well as maximize the time staff spends in San Gerardo, attending to visitors and maintaining that area of the Forest.

Grant #21 – Funding Needed
Date: Jan 2017           Amount: $23,500              Recipient: MCL

Help us reach our goal!

#0096ff Raised $5,250 towards the $23,500 target.Monteverde Conservation League seeks funding for a new truck!  Rough roads and high humidity really shorten the life of a vehicle and this provides MCL with a new truck for the use of the guard staff.

To donate to this fund, make sure you write “Grant #21” in the comments or on the memo line of your check!


Grant #20 – COMPLETED
Date: July 2016           Amount: $5,000                Recipient: MABI

This grant is to underwrite planning and overhead expenses for the third annual MABI Conference which brings together agencies and organizations for a coordinated effort to protect the Rainforest.

Grant #19 – COMPLETED                Date: Feb 2016           Amount: $1,050                Recipient: MCL

The wooden viewing platform overlooking the gorgeous waterfall at Pocosol was being damaged by moisture and insects. This grant helped replace that with a galvanized steel structure that is both safe and beautiful, besides being weather and insect proof.  Be sure to check it out on your next trip!

Grant #18 – COMPLETED          Date: Feb 2016           Amount: $6,590                Recipient: MCL

Safety and emergency procedures are the focus of this grant, which covers GPS units, walkie talkies, first aid equipment, and
immobilization and extrication equipment.

Grant #17 – IN PROGRESS         Date: Feb 2016           Amount: $8,750                Recipient: MCL

Providing for local school children to take field trips to Pocosol Field Station and Finca Stellar tree nursery enhances the work of the environmental educator and increases local appreciation for the forest. This amount also helped buy a laptop, digital camera, and a couple of microscopes, as well as several binoculars to use on the field trips.

Grant #16 – IN PROGRESS         Date: July 2016           Amount: $3,935                Recipient: MCL

Outdated and unattractive signs were redesigned and erected, from billboards and roadside directional signs to office and station identification and portable banners, to increase visibility and draw additional visitors.

Grant #15 – COMPLETED          Date: Nov 2015           Amount: $9,000                Recipient: MCL

The Salazar property of 2.8 hectares (nearly 7 acres) became available and we were able to snap it up with this contribution. Another addition to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and the Bell Bird Biological Corridor, this plot also protects a rare type of forest and an important watershed.

Grant # 14 – COMPLETED           Date: Aug 2015           Amount: $27,000              Recipient: MCL

While not as exciting as a huge land purchase, equipment like weed whackers to maintain property borders, a battery bank to supplement the hydropower at the field station, new radios for communication among sites, and a new 4×4 vehicle are equally important to the mission.

Grant #13 – COMPLETED          Date: Sep 2015          Amount: $17,650              Recipient: MCL

An executive director is essential to the effective operation of any nonprofit and this grant provides the salary and benefits to allow MCL to hire such a person. We are all so lucky that they found someone as capable, experienced, imaginative, and energetic as Lindsay Stallcup!

Grant #12 – COMPLETED          Date: Mar 2015           Amount: $5,000                Recipient: Monteverde Institute

This grant covers preparation, hosting, and facilitation of the second annual Monteverde-Arenal Bioregional Initiative Conference.

Grant #10  – COMPLETED         Date: Nov 2014           Amount: $39,850              Recipient: MCL

The final payment on the purchase of 100.45 hectares (248+ acres), known as the Pipe Cruz property, amounts to $28,850 and the other $11,000 covers attorney and title registration fees. The total cost was $300,000 plus fees and FotR covered the fees plus half the purchase price, spread over several payments. The property was an inholding inside the Children’s Eternal Rainforest as well as part of the Bell Bird Biological Corridor, so the acquisition was crucial.

Grant #9 – COMPLETED           Date: July 2014           Amount: $3,000                Recipient: Monteverde Institute

The success of the first Monteverde-Arenal Bioregional Initiative Conference necessitated the creation of the position of a coordinator to carry out arrangements for a second conference. This grant contributes to salary and benefits for that position.

Grant #8 – COMPLETED          Date: July 2014            Amount: $5,100                Recipient: MCL

Piggy-backing on the project to connect the Pocosol field station to the electrical grid, MCL decided to add high speed internet availability at the station. This not only appeals to international visitors but serves the needs of researchers on site, as well.

Grant #7 – COMPLETED          Date: May 2014           Amount: $30,600              Recipient: MCL

The new Pocosol field station buildings are gorgeous and comfortable, wonderful accommodations for guests, but frequent comments about the lack of electrical service and hot water drove the decision for MCL to request this money, so they could upgrade the station to meet expectations of international visitors and boost occupancy.

Grant #6 – COMPLETED          Date: May 2014              Amount: $7,000                Recipient: MCL

The Environmental Education program at MCL was very active with area schools but discovered the amount provided by the original grant was not enough to get a sturdy vehicle to safely transport the equipment on rough roads over such a great area. With these additional funds, MCL was able to buy a used Jimmy in great condition.

Grant #5 – COMPLETED          Date: Jan 2014             Amount: $2,000                Recipient: Nalini Nadkarni

Our grant allowed a Kickstarter campaign to reach its goal of $16,000. This amount covered the cost of translating a seminal book of ecological research to be translated into Spanish and made available free online. The book covers a broad array of topics related to the biology and conservation of the cloudforest of Monteverde, describing research projects and data collection by many international researchers, and serves as a handbook for scientists new to the area. This project makes that information available to a whole new set of readers, including the local residents, free and in Spanish!

Grant #4 – COMPLETED            Date: Nov 2013                Amount: $5,000                Recipient: Monteverde Institute

By underwriting a portion of the cost of the very first Monteverde-Arenal Bioregional Initiative Conference, we promote cooperation among the many private and nonprofit reserves and other conservation organizations (25 entities were represented at the conference!) working in the region around the CER. Sharing technologies, databases, best practices, expertise of all sorts, and enthusiasm for the common mission of protecting this area benefits all the participating organizations and the entire community.

Grant #3 – COMPLETED              Date: Nov 2013                Amount: $3,150                Recipient: MCL

This grant represents a contribution to an endowment fund being established by MCL. An endowment fund offers stability, providing funds to continue operations during periods when revenue from other sources dips for whatever reason. The ability of MCL to respond quickly when a piece of property becomes available or an emergency need arises ensures that they can continue to preserve and protect the CER on a daily basis but also for the long haul. Obviously, an effective endowment fund would need to be very much larger, but at least this is a start.

Grant #2 – COMPLETED             Date: Nov 2013 Amount: $20,000              Recipient: MCL

A pet project close to the hearts of MCL and FotR supporters has always been the position of Environmental Educator, an outreach person who can go into the schools around the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and teach them concepts of ecology, conservation, and sustainability. This grant covered the salary for such a person, along with a vehicle, fuel, meals, computer and other equipment, and school supplies for the educator to use with students. It also provided funds for many schools to send children on a bus to the rainforest for a field trip, the best way to make these lessons stick with the children. We even covered lunches for the kids on their field trips!

Grant #1 – COMPLETED              Date: Nov 2013               Amount: $38,350              Recipient:  MCL

As a result of the financial downturn around the world, the Monteverde Conservation League suffered decreasing revenue and turned to FotR for help. We were able to subsidize three months of salaries for 9 key employees – guards and maintenance personnel – along with other operating expenses, like fuel, car repairs, packed lunches for guards on patrol, and some administrative costs. Securing funds for such basic outlays is essential when a nonprofit is faced with a temporary shortfall, to allow them to continue in operation, and it was our privilege to be there for them to help tide them over.