Sal the Sloth

Our pal Sal needs your help!

Sal the Sloth – $60

Moving slowly makes sloths vulnerable to predators, but none are quite as dangerous as humans.  Habitat loss and poaching are the biggest threats this lovable guy faces.  When you choose to show your support and protect this Rainforest Pal, your donation supports the conservation of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and provides funding for Environmental Education efforts worldwide.

Your donation includes a 9″ plush 12″ PLUSH (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) Three-Toed Sloth, a Certificate of Action, and a Species Postcard to keep for yourself or share with a friend! The Certificate will be made to the name in the shipping address at check-out.

Want to maximize your donation?  For $50 you can opt out of receiving the plush animal and we will send the Certificate of Action, a Species Postcard, and a personalized letter to the person of your choice. Your donation still goes to protect habitat in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest!